If you had told me 25 years ago that I would be playing with flowers for a living, I would have laughed. I can't count the number of buckets I washed or deliveries I made while working at a flower shop in high-school, preparing for my get away to college in Ohio. However, my art degree somehow landed me at a corporate job in a cubical, and I soon realized that it wasn't for me. After years at Chicago's iconic The New Leaf Flower Shop, I found a passion for weddings. This is a dream job, but it is work; more work than most can imagine. Creating beautiful concepts from start to finish for couples on their special day is simply amazing and worth all the effort! When I am not designing at ASA, I am volunteering for a local hospice organization, running our sister company A Stem Below, and racking up splat points at Orange Theory Fitness. Most importantly are my 2 boys that keep me connected every day to things that are new. Never a dull moment. 

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From Kristina Libby founder of a movement @lightvslight in honor of Covid 19 losses:  

“I started laying floral hearts because I felt so saddened by the lack of public outpouring to memorialize those we had lost to COVID-19. I couldn't believe that I lived in a country where that many lives could disappear, and so little would be done to honor them and help those who were grieving. That wasn't the America that I wanted to be part of. So, I laid one heart and hoped it might show someone that another person cared about their suffering. And, then I laid another. And, the more hearts I laid, the more I hoped that others would join me. 

I could not imagine that hundreds of you would. I could not imagine that my little project would grow to Blue Hill, Maine and Chattanooga, TN and Sault St. Marie, MI and Carlsbad, CA. I had no idea that the AP would write about the work and the LA Times and the Burlington Free Press. But, mostly, I didn't know that one action I took and repeated would be an action that helped to fix the very thing I most lamented. 

On March 1st, 2021 we get to prove that I was wrong: This is a country where grief and fear are met with love and solidarity. This is a country where the community stands up when we are grieving and creates space to mourn the loss, to build bridges and to heal. 

I want more than anything in the world to be done with this pandemic. I want it to stop threatening our loved ones and changing our lives. But, as I look back and remember our losses, I will always remember you all standing up and joining with me. I'll remember you saying that you are choosing to bring love to your communities, that you are choosing to bring beauty to loss, that you are choosing to build towards a better future. I am truly in awe of the wonder that is all of you. 

So, let me say thank you. To everyone who supported tomorrow and helped to make a #covidmemorialday something we can touch and see and rally behind: THANK YOU. You are magic. I remain in awe.”

We are with you to honor those that have lost. Stand together.
#markedbycovid #floralheartproject